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Kanecta’s Mission

At Kanecta we believe that organising your work and personal life shouldn’t be complicated. We have created a flexible program that can be accessed from anywhere on multiple devices. This means you can store, find and share files, data and ideas in one easy to use system.

Our philosophy is that better organisation at an individual and company level can lead to improvements for society too. We see Kanecta as not just a product, but a community, where people can share their talents and ideas to promote different business structures – focussed on support and empowerment over power and profits.

Kanecta is a fully owned subsidiary of the Good of the Whole Trust. Trust ownership frees Kanecta from the profit motive to return a dividend to shareholders. Kanecta exists soley to produce an exceptional product, provide excellent customer service, protect our environment and make a positive contribution to our communities on a local, national and global level.

The Kanecta Story

While working as a contractor, Richard needed to combine company information stored in many different places and formats, with no way to bind it into a cohesive whole. At that point he conceived the idea for Kanecta - A tool that bound together the company’s resources in one powerful, effective platform.

The Kanecta Team

We rate our team for their values, integrity and skills in equal part.

Richard Thomas

Software & Information Systems

Richard Thomas had an unconventional childhood, living in a community bordering New Zealand’s idyllic Abel Tasman National Park. He grew up surrounded by people passionate about social inequality and environmental protection, and carried these beliefs into his adult life. As a self-taught software developer, he discovered his talent for building computer programs over 20 years ago while creating a point-of-sale system for his parents organic food store.

Vanessa Palmer

Network & Community

Vanessa Palmer joined the Kanecta team as co-founder in 2017. Although her upbringing was different to Richard’s, they shared a desire to make a positive contribution to the world. Vanessa spent time as President of a local non-profit organization, and created a free singles group where she organised and hosted over 100 events for its 1,000+ members. She graduated from university in the top 5% of business graduates for her year, and later went on to complete a Masters in Management – majoring in human resources.