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What is Kanecta

Kanecta is data management without boundaries. It's a cloud based platform where users can connect, store, view, manage and share data, files and ideas.

What are the benefits

Stop wasting time learning new software, searching for information or creating duplicate documents.

It’s frustrating developing processes and using multiple products to manage your busy work and private life. Especially when systems are not connected and come with a steep learning curve.

  • Keep track of everything in one easy to use program.
  • Save time and be more productive so you can focus on what’s really important.
  • Use the same data for multiple purposes and in different apps and views.
  • Centralise communication and collaborate on shared ideas and projects.
  • Kanecta works online and offline, so is ideal for teams in different geographic areas and people working remotely.

What can I actually do with Kanecta

Use Kanecta to manage all kinds of business processes and functions:

  • Make lists
  • Create tasks, tables and forms
  • Plan projects or events
  • Record inventory
  • Document policies and procedures
  • Keep track of customer contact details
  • Store employee information
  • Manage documents

You don't need IT knowledge to use or create a Kanecta template.

If you are a programmer you can build your own custom apps and choose to share them with the Kanecta community.

Kanecta's uses are only limited by your imagination

What does it cost

We are currently in the testing and development phase, and value your feedback. If selected for user testing, you will keep your free plan once a commercial version is available. Time and storage limits will apply.

How does Kanecta do business differently to other companies

We have zero investors so are not beholden to anyone who puts profit ahead of people. We believe businesses have a duty to look after their customers, inspire their staff and care for the planet.

This is essential to Kanecta's vision, and we have set up a Trust to ensure Kanecta contributes to those in need.